I guess you would call me a rogue gardener. I have an acre and half of hill, much of which is wooded, where deer, squirrels as big as cats, raccoons, a groundhog and at least one resident barn snake roam about freely. There’s also a mother fox that often brings her kits/pups out to visit. I garden for fun but the one thing I get serious about is invasive plants.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Side yard near drive.   Peonies &  Liriope.    

Wonderful place to sit and relax and enjoy the results of gardening.
Back Yard and more peonies. 

Just a glimpse of no longer blooming Iris and the buds on my roadside lilies.  If you look closely you may discern a pink rose that was a Mother's day present from my youngest son right after I moved to the hill about six years ago.

Yesterday I went home from work, took the weed whacker up on the hill and tried to reclaim some of the area behind the Wash House.  I have sage grass that is simply horrid.  It has made gigantic mounds and I'm beginning to think it may win the battle with my weed trimmer. Heavy duty equipment and lots of determination may not be enough to beat it down.  

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