I guess you would call me a rogue gardener. I have an acre and half of hill, much of which is wooded, where deer, squirrels as big as cats, raccoons, a groundhog and at least one resident barn snake roam about freely. There’s also a mother fox that often brings her kits/pups out to visit. I garden for fun but the one thing I get serious about is invasive plants.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hydrangeas, Iris, Peonies

Side yard.  Iris are in full bloom and the peonies have set buds.  Hydrangeas are slow to start but there are there.

The sunroom resembles a greenhouse.  The two split-leaf philodendrons are trying to take over.  The ferns and spider plants are doing fantastic.  In fact, all the plants love the environment, including the orchids that I have.  These have been in bloom since before mid-March and are still beautiful.

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